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We transform concepts into compelling digital stories.

Video is a powerful sales tool – it’s engaging, informative, and can convey your brand succinctly and effectively. The key to reigning in this power is hiring the right video production company at the start.

About Picnic Table Video Productions in Charlotte, North Carolina

At Picnic Table Video Productions, corporations and organizations in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and beyond prefer us and our video production capabilities. Why? For starters, we know what goes into a great video. Beyond that, our creative concepts, storytelling skill, and technical expertise in video production lets us create captivating visual experiences that effectively convey messages and information.

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We produce branded videos, event videography for large-scale events and tradeshows, corporate internal communication videos, general corporate video productions, commercials, and more for companies in industries of all kinds. We ventured into the world of commercial videography in 2011 when our founder, Eric Brown, decided to put his years of experience in video production and post-production to good use. Since then, we have helped countless organizations tell their stories in their own unique way, backed by our expertise in producing visually compelling stories that drive brand growth and effectively convey information.

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Every client is a true creative partner. We truly value your input, and we want it during all phases of creative structuring and production to produce the video material that precisely aligns with your distinctive vision and objective. Start the creative process by setting up your consultation, and let’s get to work producing what you need.