Are Your Marketing Videos Missing the Mark?

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If you’ve decided to invest in one or more marketing videos to enhance your brand, you may be thinking that it should be pretty easy to put something together. After all, in this digital age, it seems like anybody can make a video and put it online for people to view.

Are Your Marketing Videos Missing the Mark?

What may not be as clear is that there are some important ways to make your marketing video stand out. Don’t you want your brand to be remembered above the rest? Here are a few common mistakes people make with their marketing videos that you’ll want to avoid:

  1. Video Length – When making marketing videos, many people have a lot of information they want to express. The trouble is that if your marketing videos are too long, you can lose the interest of your audience.
  2. Too Much Information – Another factor that can deter your target audience is when your marketing videos have too much information. Simplifying the script is a good way to make sure your video gets across the most important message.
  3. Missing the “Call to Action” – You can have great marketing videos, but without a call to action, you won’t generate many leads! Make sure to tell your customers how to take action in every video.
  4. Product vs. Benefits – If you focus on how great your products are but not on how they can benefit your target audience, you might not get the leads you were hoping for.

The truth is that anybody can create marketing videos, but not everyone creates them correctly. If you want to enhance your brand with marketing videos, reach out to us at Picnic Table Video Productions. We can assist you by creating high-quality marketing videos from start to finish!