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We use drones to capture stunning aerial videos.

When you want to capture images and video footage from high above the ground, aerial filming is the best method. The expanded availability and capability of drones in the recent past have contributed to the creation of stunning video footage, and many businesses have jumped on board and started utilizing this type of footage for their commercial videos. If you have a construction company and want to show off the progress of a structure, aerial videos can provide a bird’s-eye view throughout every step in the process. If your business does landscape design or other similar work, aerial videos of your projects can show a distinctive view and generate interest.

Aerial Videos in Charlotte, North Carolina

Other industries that can benefit from aerial video footage include real estate and hospitality. A hotel can show incredible views of its property with drone footage, enticing more people to book their stays. Instead of simply showing photographs of the inside of a residential or commercial property for sale, real estate experts can take their listings to the next level with video tours of the space from above. With so many benefits and applications, it’s easy to see why aerial videos have become so popular. But if you don’t have the tools to create them, you may think your business can’t take part in the fun.

At Picnic Table Video Productions, we can create professional aerial videos for you. We use drones to capture the stunning footage, which we can then edit together to create the finished video. Our team includes a range of creatives, so we’re able to take on the entire video production process on your company’s behalf. We’re available to those in Charlotte, North Carolina and much of the surrounding area. Give us a call today to get started!

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