Marketing Videos, Charlotte, NC

Do you need fresh, vibrant marketing videos in or near Charlotte? We can help.

When they are high quality, marketing videos can be a powerful tool for your business. At Picnic Table Video Productions, we have the experience, knowledge, tools, and equipment needed to produce the highest-quality marketing videos. We are passionate about sharing your story with both your potential customers and established clients. If you have a concept, we can take it and help transform it into a compelling digital visual story that moves people to action. Our marketing videos can help your company reach greater success, both in and near Charlotte, North Carolina and anywhere else you conduct business.

Marketing Videos in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our marketing videos are versatile and highly individualized. There are many possibilities, including:

  • Flexible locations: We can create videos at your location in Charlotte, from our Uptown Charlotte studio or Southpark office, or at another location of your choice.
  • A variety of video types: We can even provide drone or aerial footage. We have often used this type of video for real estate developers, other real estate firms, and even construction companies. However, it may be appropriate for a special outdoor event or other occasion.
  • Highlight a new product or special event: Because our marketing videos are completely individualized, we can tailor them to fit your exact and unique needs. If you are looking for a video partner who is as passionate about creating quality video as you are about your business, you can count on us to bring all of our excitement and energy to your project.

Marketing videos are most effective when they tell a story and maximize viewer engagement. If you are ready to learn more or to talk about your marketing ideas, give us a call today.

Marketing Videos: Your FAQs Answered Here

When thinking of all your different marketing options out there, it can be tough to narrow down your best options. Here at Picnic Table Video Productions, we are here to help you with quality marketing videos that can get your message, products or ideas across to your target audience in an engaging way. Marketing videos can be a wonderful option for your business or message, and we want to help. We have compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions that we hope will be of assistance to you.

What types of marketing videos do you offer?

Our video production experts are able to work with all sorts of different marketing video options. We offer options like commercial videos, event videos, storytelling videos, aerial and drone footage, etc.

Can I choose the location?

Yes! We have loads of equipment and space available for marketing videos, but if you prefer a different locale, we would be happy to work with a location change.  

Why should I use marketing videos?

Marketing videos are immediately engaging and interesting. This makes them far more likely to be noticed, viewed, and shared.

How much will my marketing videos cost?

The price of marketing videos varies depending upon the size and scope of your project. With a little more information about your vision, we will be able to better predict your pricing. Feel free to contact us today to request a personalized quote.

What types of businesses/individuals do you work with?

We work with all sorts of businesses and individuals for marketing videos, including churches, real estate agencies, non-profits, health groups, corporations, and more.

If you are interested in marketing videos, we want to help. For more information, please contact us today.

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