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As your video producer, we will strive to tell the story of your Charlotte business visually to increase viewer engagement, interest and excitement about your products and services.

Telling the story of your business can be an effective strategy in keeping your established customers coming back, as well as inspiring new customers to learn more about your products and services. At Picnic Table Video Productions, we know that every business has a story to tell, but not every business has the time, equipment, and expertise to effectively tell that story through visually compelling videos. As your video producer, we can tailor video projects to fit you and your organization. We can take existing concepts and develop them or help you create new concepts that will assist in marketing and explaining your business in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Video Producer in Charlotte, North Carolina

As your video producer, we can produce a range of video projects, including marketing videos, TV commercials, product videos, training videos, event videos, explainer videos and even aerial videos. We will work diligently through every step of the video production process, collaborating with your marketing team to ensure seamless integration of your videos with your established marketing plan:

  • Writing and storyboarding: We know that early planning is key to success in any video project, so we will take the time needed to build the foundation necessary for achievement.
  • Scripting and casting: Even with careful planning, we know that changes may need to be made along the way, so we will continue to be flexible and thoughtful along the way.
  • Shooting: We can complete shooting at your Charlotte location or any other location. We can also use our Uptown Charlotte or Southpark studio.
  • Editing and post-production: The job isn’t done until you are completely satisfied and able to use your new video content to extend the success of your business and its products or services.

If you need a video producer in the Charlotte area, contact us today. We bring energy and passion to every project and can’t wait to tell the story of your business in a visually compelling way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Working with a Video Producer

Working with a video producer is a different experience for many business owners. Unless you work in a more creative business, being in front of a camera or working with creative professionals can be challenging, or even intimidating. Here at Picnic Table Video Productions, we want to give you and your business a calming reassurance that we are here to help you get your message across. Our job is to create something visually pleasing to inform or educate your target audience. We get a variety of different questions, and we wanted to take a moment to answer some of our most frequent questions here:

How much will my video production project cost?

Quality production is something that is a worthwhile investment. Different types of projects are going to have different pricing structures, and we are unable to give estimates without knowing a little more about your project. Just give us a call to get the process started!

How long will it take to produce my video?

The production process usually takes several weeks. You should expect a few weeks of filming and then post production. We can give you a more accurate estimate once we have more information about your project.  

Can I make changes to my video along the way?

Yes. We understand that sometimes you might change your mind about something or want to add in a phrase or location change. Changes are a normal part of the process, and we welcome feedback.  

Where will we complete the video shoot?

We have two studios, one in Charlotte and also one in Southpark. If you would like to shoot at your own location in the area, we are happy to accommodate you.

We hope that this FAQ section has been informative. If you have questions about working with our video producer or other questions, please contact us today.

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