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As a full-service video production agency, we take on every task in the creation process.

Finding the right video production agency comes with a number of benefits for your business. Commercial videos are some of the most engaging and appealing forms of marketing, and they can help to grow your followers and audience in a short period of time. People are more likely to respond to videos than any other form of content, especially when they are created and presented in an appealing way. With the right video content, you can grow your brand or generate awareness about the products or services your business offers.

Video Production Agency in Charlotte, North Carolina

Here in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding area, many businesses rely on our team at Picnic Table Video Productions. As a full-service video production agency, we take on every task in the creation process. Our team can write, storyboard, script, cast, shoot, and edit your video. We believe in forming strong relationships with our clients, which helps us get better results. Each of our team members works diligently to create visual stories that will resonate with the audience and boost engagement. We’re visual storytellers, using our video production studio to create interesting pieces.

Our team includes creatives across all areas of the industry, and we come together to collaborate on each project through a series of phases to get the best results. When you present your ideas, we can take those concepts and turn them into video footage that appeals to your target audience and tells the story that you want to tell. We have an 800-square-foot professional video production space, and we’re available for onsite filming. Contact our video production agency today to get started.

FAQs About Our Video Production Agency

At Picnic Table Video Productions, we understand that a lot goes into your decision about which video production agency to work with. We are confident that once you trust us to do your first one, you’ll see why we are the best choice in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. One of the ways we stand out from the rest is our intense commitment to a collaborative, communicative approach. We work with your marketing department and appreciate their input, because every voice is another perspective that can help drive a positive result. We want them to ask questions, and we’ll be asking plenty of them, too. Here are two questions that our video production agency is often asked:

How much time will you devote to our videos?

Whatever it takes! We know how important it is to achieve a compelling video that gets the desired reaction from the intended audience. Whether your video is for training your new hires, showing customers how to use or assemble your product, or is intended to grow market share, you can be sure our video production agency will devote the necessary time to meet the desired goal.

What types of videos can your video production agency do?

There are very few videos that we aren’t set up to do, so it is likely we can handle whatever you have in mind. Some of our most common projects include event videos, explainer videos, product video, aerial videos (drone videos), storytelling videos, TV commercials, and various types of marketing videos.