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We’re visual storytellers, using our video production studio to create interesting pieces.

If you’re thinking about creating videos for commercial use, you may be looking for a partner who can help. Commercial videos can make a big difference in your overall marketing efforts, as they have been proven to deliver better engagement rates than other marketing tools. If your video goes viral, it could get your brand name or product in front of millions, all within a matter of hours. Even videos that don’t go viral often get better response rates than mass emails or text-based social media posts. If you’re looking for the best in video production, trust our team at Picnic Table Video Productions.

Video Production Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our video production studio is easily accessible to those in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, and it’s set up and ready for your use, whether you’re looking to create a short marketing video or a longer video that tells a story. It features 800 square feet of space, and we have all the equipment needed to create and produce high-quality, professional videos for our clients. This equipment includes professional VO recording tools to ensure that the video’s sound is crisp and clear. The video production studio also features an 18’x12’ white cyc or green wall, which can serve as the ideal backdrop for the story you want to tell.

In addition to working within our video production studio, we’re also available to provide on-site filming. No matter what type of story you want to tell, we will work diligently to turn your concept into a compelling digital production.

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